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Friday, December 13, 2013

You know it's a nymph ?

I 'm not talking about Greek mythology, but smaller ones that although living in natural surroundings are not as nice .

A nymph is an immature insect. Therefore it is a stage in the life cycle of some insects undergoing a metamorphosis. The nymph looks like a smaller version of the adult wingless . And the image is special because it is a new species .

As 7 mm wide, elongated body covered with orange dots and stripes. And an interesting collection of fine wax antennas that protrude from the back of the insect .
These serve to ward off predators . Although the wax serves a variety of purposes , in some species that grows in a fan and can slow descent into fall. It can also act as a distraction to predators.
This curious insect was found in the jungles of South America along with 59 other new species in the 3-week expedition to Suriname. " The high number of new species discovered is proof of the incredible biodiversity of these forests have only begun to discover. " Says one of the expedicioncitas

Women may have the formula for a happy marriage

The fights and grudges accumulated by them in a couple, will undoubtedly undermining the health of a relationship. And unfortunately , it seems that disputes in love , to a greater or lesser degree, are far from disappearing , except fortunate exceptions .

But a recent study from the University of Berkeley has given hope to many lovers who want to see their married life thrive in a healthy way and for many years . According to the scientists in charge, not only the happiness of a couple more would project long term depending on the time that members spend her angry after an argument , but a more telling statistic indicates that the best marriages , in terms of satisfaction and durability - are those in which the woman is passed faster anger and opens the possibility of turning the page.
Since 1986, the people in charge of this investigation, monitored at 156 heterosexual couples in California , which every five years re- locating to track their relationships and know how happy they were .
To them were recorded to identify facial gestures, body language , tone of voice and conversation , and even more specifically, your blood pressure , heart rate and temperature , in moments of love fights.
" Again and again (scientists ) found that marriages in which the wife calmed down quickly during a dispute , were the ones who finally showed happier, both in the short and long term ," said college respect to the study published in the journal of the American Psychological Association , Emotion .
Also, another important fact was revealed , as was the fact that if it was the husband who was easier to turn the page before , little bearing on the success of marital satisfaction .
"When it comes to handling negative emotions during conflict , women are very important ," said one of the study's authors , Professor Lian Bloch , adding that their work has been completed is that if, in particular they are able to calm down , it is likely that a relationship flourish .
He explained that much of this , quotes , responsibility, is due to gender stereotypes that exist about the female world , in terms of feelings and conciliatory spirit . "(When fighting ) both see it as emotional thermometer of how things are . Women take more responsibility for the emotional harmony of a marriage. "
For his part, Robert Levenson , a psychologist who also worked on the study , said the apparent ease that is given to women to propose solutions for resolving conflicts , improving the ability of the couple to successfully achieve peace dialogue calm tempers .
" This may not work as well for the couple , who often criticize their wives for wanting to solve problems in a hasty manner ," he said .

Why do we lie ?

 It is said that we all lied once and although many excuses that are pious lie , the question remains the same : why we do it?

Deceive allows us get what we want through manipulation and exploitation of others. In general , we lie to turn a profit , power, status , etc. . Lying well done is a passport to success. So we lie, says the site rtve.es.
This is considered one of the greatest scholars of the lie , the philosopher David Livingstone Smith , director of the Institute for Cognitive Science and Evolutionary Psychology at the University of New England ( USA) and author of the book Why we lie : the evolutionary roots of lies and inconsciente.Mentir is advantageous , therefore evolution , which selects features that are advantageous to individuals, has built into human nature . " We lie spontaneously , just as we breathe or sweat ," he stresses.
It is estimated that every day we hear or read over 200 lies. The lie is found throughout the natural realm . There are plants that have flowers that look like female wasps to attract the males , which carry pollen stuck to another flower and pollinate well , pretending to be poisonous snakes to scare off predators and caterpillars pretending to be snakes for the same purpose .
Lying is not simply sticks to fact say things that are not true. TambiƩnmentimos to hide information , or to say something that is true so that the speaker believes is lying unused falso.Podemos words , through a fake smile , when walking or positions that appear to acquire self-confidence or by using cosmetics that disguise our real appearance.
Anyway, eventually lying always has bad consequences , so it is best to tell the truth ,

Why do not remember the early years of our lives?

 This question us probably have raised several times , is that most do not have memories of our early years , but perhaps we would have them. To remember what age or have the use of reason ? Well, as you read this article you think is the memory encuĆ”l more lejando you to have your childhood .

 According to the bbc.co.uk site , scientists call this lack of memories as infantile amnesia . New research reveals that in Canada before going to school (about four years ) children can remember what happened in previous years - even their previous experiences at 18 months , but two years later those memories and will have been erased.
Why do not we remember ?
It is a fact that we can not remember much of what happened to us before three or four years old. The reason is still unclear.
Some experts speculated that this is because the four years before we have language and cognitive ability to form memories. And although these memories are not lost at all, can not be stored in our brain. New research seems to provide an explanation.
Participants 140 children aged 4 to 13 years who reported three of his earliest experiences they could remember and the period in which they had occurred. They found that among younger children , had more memories of his early years , including 18 months of age.
Two years later they were asked to recall three children early experiences of his life. The result? Children who were between 4 and 7 years remembered very different experiences of those who had spoken before. Many of the memories that had been two years earlier had disappeared. While children who were between 10 and 13 describe the same early experiences in both experiments.
What about memories of childhood?
Contrary to what was believed , young children do have cognitive , linguistic and memory capacity to remember things that happened to them in the past. But the earliest memories of young children seem to change and are replaced by memories occurred at later ages .

What is the origin of the phrase 'thinking about the immortality of the crab'?

Have you ever been told that? Generally used when a person is staring, as if he had lost in thought.

Whether he ask? Thinking about the immortality of the crab? or her to respond with this phrase to avoid answering to ask what do you think? But where did the phrase?
According to Wisdom's Ladder, the belief that the crab did not die was kept for many years due to the ability to regenerate their crab exoskeleton as their bodies are still growing, light was thought to be a cycle that never end.
Furthermore, according to mythology, one day Zeus spoke to a crustacean who confessed that walked sideways to cheat time and maintain the same age forever.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sexy wedding dresses

Wedding dresses carry the style and personality of the bride, this way you can find the perfect design for you, because if you pick any model no matter your style or personality is likely that in the celebration you feel uncomfortable with or I regret having chosen.
There are women who wear the sensuality in the blood, so his style and his personality is sexy, if you're one of these brides want to share with you some tips to find the ideal dress for you.

- There are different types of wedding dresses sexy, but keep in mind you to realize the ceremony at a church can not wear extremely short skirts or provocative necklines because they will not let you enter the church.

- Choose your favorite body part to teach, he chooses one area of ​​the body to wear with the dress such as your legs, thus get very sensual look. But do not teach more than one area as sensual happen to be vulgar.

- The slides are an excellent idea for a sexy and edgy looks, opt for a dress with lace or sheer fabrics.

- Choose a shade attractive example flame red, dark board, silver and gold.