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Friday, December 13, 2013

Why do not remember the early years of our lives?

 This question us probably have raised several times , is that most do not have memories of our early years , but perhaps we would have them. To remember what age or have the use of reason ? Well, as you read this article you think is the memory encuál more lejando you to have your childhood .

 According to the bbc.co.uk site , scientists call this lack of memories as infantile amnesia . New research reveals that in Canada before going to school (about four years ) children can remember what happened in previous years - even their previous experiences at 18 months , but two years later those memories and will have been erased.
Why do not we remember ?
It is a fact that we can not remember much of what happened to us before three or four years old. The reason is still unclear.
Some experts speculated that this is because the four years before we have language and cognitive ability to form memories. And although these memories are not lost at all, can not be stored in our brain. New research seems to provide an explanation.
Participants 140 children aged 4 to 13 years who reported three of his earliest experiences they could remember and the period in which they had occurred. They found that among younger children , had more memories of his early years , including 18 months of age.
Two years later they were asked to recall three children early experiences of his life. The result? Children who were between 4 and 7 years remembered very different experiences of those who had spoken before. Many of the memories that had been two years earlier had disappeared. While children who were between 10 and 13 describe the same early experiences in both experiments.
What about memories of childhood?
Contrary to what was believed , young children do have cognitive , linguistic and memory capacity to remember things that happened to them in the past. But the earliest memories of young children seem to change and are replaced by memories occurred at later ages .

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