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Friday, December 13, 2013

You know it's a nymph ?

I 'm not talking about Greek mythology, but smaller ones that although living in natural surroundings are not as nice .

A nymph is an immature insect. Therefore it is a stage in the life cycle of some insects undergoing a metamorphosis. The nymph looks like a smaller version of the adult wingless . And the image is special because it is a new species .

As 7 mm wide, elongated body covered with orange dots and stripes. And an interesting collection of fine wax antennas that protrude from the back of the insect .
These serve to ward off predators . Although the wax serves a variety of purposes , in some species that grows in a fan and can slow descent into fall. It can also act as a distraction to predators.
This curious insect was found in the jungles of South America along with 59 other new species in the 3-week expedition to Suriname. " The high number of new species discovered is proof of the incredible biodiversity of these forests have only begun to discover. " Says one of the expedicioncitas

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