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Friday, December 13, 2013

Why do we lie ?

 It is said that we all lied once and although many excuses that are pious lie , the question remains the same : why we do it?

Deceive allows us get what we want through manipulation and exploitation of others. In general , we lie to turn a profit , power, status , etc. . Lying well done is a passport to success. So we lie, says the site rtve.es.
This is considered one of the greatest scholars of the lie , the philosopher David Livingstone Smith , director of the Institute for Cognitive Science and Evolutionary Psychology at the University of New England ( USA) and author of the book Why we lie : the evolutionary roots of lies and inconsciente.Mentir is advantageous , therefore evolution , which selects features that are advantageous to individuals, has built into human nature . " We lie spontaneously , just as we breathe or sweat ," he stresses.
It is estimated that every day we hear or read over 200 lies. The lie is found throughout the natural realm . There are plants that have flowers that look like female wasps to attract the males , which carry pollen stuck to another flower and pollinate well , pretending to be poisonous snakes to scare off predators and caterpillars pretending to be snakes for the same purpose .
Lying is not simply sticks to fact say things that are not true. Tambiénmentimos to hide information , or to say something that is true so that the speaker believes is lying unused falso.Podemos words , through a fake smile , when walking or positions that appear to acquire self-confidence or by using cosmetics that disguise our real appearance.
Anyway, eventually lying always has bad consequences , so it is best to tell the truth ,

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