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Friday, December 13, 2013

Women may have the formula for a happy marriage

The fights and grudges accumulated by them in a couple, will undoubtedly undermining the health of a relationship. And unfortunately , it seems that disputes in love , to a greater or lesser degree, are far from disappearing , except fortunate exceptions .

But a recent study from the University of Berkeley has given hope to many lovers who want to see their married life thrive in a healthy way and for many years . According to the scientists in charge, not only the happiness of a couple more would project long term depending on the time that members spend her angry after an argument , but a more telling statistic indicates that the best marriages , in terms of satisfaction and durability - are those in which the woman is passed faster anger and opens the possibility of turning the page.
Since 1986, the people in charge of this investigation, monitored at 156 heterosexual couples in California , which every five years re- locating to track their relationships and know how happy they were .
To them were recorded to identify facial gestures, body language , tone of voice and conversation , and even more specifically, your blood pressure , heart rate and temperature , in moments of love fights.
" Again and again (scientists ) found that marriages in which the wife calmed down quickly during a dispute , were the ones who finally showed happier, both in the short and long term ," said college respect to the study published in the journal of the American Psychological Association , Emotion .
Also, another important fact was revealed , as was the fact that if it was the husband who was easier to turn the page before , little bearing on the success of marital satisfaction .
"When it comes to handling negative emotions during conflict , women are very important ," said one of the study's authors , Professor Lian Bloch , adding that their work has been completed is that if, in particular they are able to calm down , it is likely that a relationship flourish .
He explained that much of this , quotes , responsibility, is due to gender stereotypes that exist about the female world , in terms of feelings and conciliatory spirit . "(When fighting ) both see it as emotional thermometer of how things are . Women take more responsibility for the emotional harmony of a marriage. "
For his part, Robert Levenson , a psychologist who also worked on the study , said the apparent ease that is given to women to propose solutions for resolving conflicts , improving the ability of the couple to successfully achieve peace dialogue calm tempers .
" This may not work as well for the couple , who often criticize their wives for wanting to solve problems in a hasty manner ," he said .

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